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Frespanita offers private tutoring for French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
We are constantly adding more qualified tutors to our team so please contact us if you are interested in any other language, we might just have the right tutor for you!

Advantages  of private tuition

Here are just some of the advantages of private tutoring.

  • Convenience!  The tutor comes to your home, office, or wherever you decide (at the park on a nice day?)
  • You save time and all the fuss of getting in the car and travelling to a lesson.
  • The tutoring is fully personalised.  Before the lessons begin you will have a meeting to discuss your needs, current level, and the best tools for your learning style.
  • By signing up to a 10 lessons package, you will also get our "on-going email" service which allows you to exchange emails with one of our tutors at no extra charge.  It's like having a full time coach at your service!


  • Flexibility
    You don't have to be restricted to a set schedule of same day and time every week.  Every time you see your tutor you can fix the following lesson based on your schedule.
  • Tutor availability
    With our "on-going email" service you'll have your tutor available between lessons through email
  • Easy practising
    We provide all exercise material and everything you need for learning, (except the will!)
  • Digital Dictaphone
    To get the best from every lesson you can record parts of the session in order to practice pronunciation, phrases, vocabulary, etc. in your own time
French Spanish Italian Private Tuition

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